Quicktech Model I-42U 10-Axis CNC Lathe

Quicktech Model I-42U 10-Axis CNC Lathe

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Quicktech Model I42U 10-Axis CNC Lathe, Mfg. 2016, Mitsubishi M800 CNC Control, C-Axis, 4,000 RPM, Like New, Demo Machine

Equipped With;

  • Mitsubishi M800 CNC Control
  • C-Axis, Main and Sub-Spindle
  • Coolant System


Serial Number4106
Stock Number4309
Main Spindle Maximum Turning Diameter3.93" (100mm)
Main Spindle Maximum Bar Diameter1.65" (42mm)
Main Spindle Maximum Turning Length9.05" (230mm)
Main Spindle Collet Chuck TypeKK5-173E42B
Main Spindle Spindle NoseA2-6
Main Spindle Bore1.69" (43mm)
Main Spindle Speed Range0 - 4,000 RPM
Sub-Spindle Maximum Turning Diameter3.93" (100mm)
Sub-Spindle Maximum Bar Diameter1.18" (30mm)
Sub-Spindle Maximum Turning Length3.93" (100mm)
Sub-Spindle Collet Chuck TypeKK5-173E42B
Sub-Spindle NoseA2-5
Sub-Spindle Bore1.22" (31mm)
Sub-Spindle Speed Range0 - 4,000 RPM
X1 / Y1 / Z1 Axis Travels5.90" (150mm) / 16.14" (410mm) / 9.84" (250mm)
X2 / Y2 / Z2 Axis Travels17.71" (450mm) / 14.96" (380mm) / 11.81" (300mm)
Main Spindle Motor15 HP (11kW)
Sub-Spindle Motor5 HP (3.7kW)
Axis Motors2 HP (1.5kW)
Live Tooling Motors2 HP (1.5kW)
Number of Live ToolsT1=12 / T2=12
Live Tool Maximum RPM4,000 RPM
Live Tool Collet TypeER-20
Approximate Dimensions114.1" (2,900mm) x 74.8" (1,900mm) x 76.7" (1,950mm)
Approximate Machine Weight12,320 lbs. (5,600kg)