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Mori Seiki Model NT4250DCG/1500 Multi-Axis Turning & Milling Center Mfg. 2009

Mori Seiki Model NT4250 DCG/1500 Multi-Axis Turning and Milling Center, Mfg. 2009, Automatic Tool Changer, Tailstock

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Type of CNC Control MSX-701V
Maximum Workpiece Swing 28.74 inches
Maximum Swing Over Cross Slide 28.7 inches
Maximum Distance Between Centers 69.3 inches
Maximum Turning Diameter, Tool Spindle 25.98 inches
Maximum Turning Length 61.5 inches
Bar Capacity 3.15 inches
X-Axis Travel (Milling Spindle) 29.53 inches
Z-Axis Travel (Milling Spindle) 61.02 inches
B-Axis Swivel Range (Milling Spindle) +/- 120 Degrees
Main Spindle Speed, Maximum 4,000 RPM
Y-Axis Travel (Milling Spindle) +/- 8.27"
Main Spindle Motor 35 HP / 30 HP
Spindle Nose (Main Spindle) JIS A2-8
Main Spindle Through Hole 3.58 inches
Main Spindle, Minimum Indexing Angle 0.001 Degree
Main Spindle Bearing, Inside Diameter 5.51 inches
Minimum B-Axis (Tool Spindle) Indexing Angle 0.001 Degree
Tool Spindle, Maximum RPM 12,000 RPM
Tool Spindle Motor 25 HP / 15 HP
Tool Spindle Taper CAPTO C6
Tool Spindle, Inside Diameter of Bearing 2.76 inches
Tool Storage Capacity 100 Positions
Maximum Tool Diameter 5.51 inches
Maximum Tool Diameter with Adjacent Filled 2.76 inches
Maximum Tool Length 15.75 inches
Maximum Tool Weight 17.6 pounds
Rapid Traverse Rate - X&Z Axes 1,969 IPM
Rapid Traverse Rate - Y&A Axes 1,181 IPM
Approximate Floor Space 192" x 129"
Machine Height 110 inches
Approximate Machine Weight 24600 pounds

Equipped With

  • Mori MSX701V CNC Control
  • 10" 3-Jaw Chuck
  • B-Axis Milling Spindle
  • Renishaw Probe System
  • 100-Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • Programable Tailstock
  • Chip Blaster Model D30 High Pressure Coolant Unit
  • Tsubakimoto Concep2000 Chip Conveyor
  • Transformer

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