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Keller L-Cut Air Filter / Dust Collector

Keller L-Cut 1-P2 Air Filer / Dust Collector, Mfg. 2007, Compact Design

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Approximate Air Flow 1,000 - 1,800 Cubic Meters/Hour
Sound Level 70 Decibles
Dimensions 42"W x 52"D x 80"H
Weight 1875 pounds

Equipped With

- Specially developed for the collection of dust and fumes caused by thermal processes such as joining, seperating, or surface treatment by laser, plasma or gasses, to separate the nest of metal oxide particles.  
- These units are compact and have a very low profile.  Therefore, they can bet installed in tight spaces.  
- The spark pre-separator KSE is already integrated in the housing
- Digital Control
- Waste Disposal Bin
- Spark Pre-Separator KSE is Integrated
- Compact and Low Profile

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